"Eugene’s individual style of playing, combined with the unique sound of his guitar and fresh approach to musical compositions, makes his music stand out from the crowd" (Time Out).

What is Smooth Jazz:

Smooth Jazz is a combination of instrumental virtuosity of jazz improvisation and modern electronic elements.

Smooth Jazz is a sub-genre of Jazz which is influenced by pop, rock, Latin, R&B and other styles of contemporary music.

It strarted its development in the late 1970s by jazz musicians who were looking for a new, fresh and more modern sound than traditional mainstream Jazz.

In the last ten years Smooth Jazz has become a very popular style of music, and has established itself as a new and exciting genre of music.

Similar styles: Nu Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Contemporary Jazz, Acid Jazz.


Once upon a time, I heard some music in my head. Music that was very inspiring, happy and romantic, and made me feel good. I could hear the bright sound of guitar, playing smooth melodies combined with funky grooves. So, I went to the shop to find it....

After spending hours of listening to many CDs, I suddenly realized that this music does not exist. It only exists in my head. The next day I went to my studio, and started recording it. Soon I had a CD of the music that I was looking for. I called it "Wonder Groove".

But that was just the beginning. As more and more smooth and groovy melodies were coming to me, another album "Magenta Green" emerged, shortly followed by "Just A Hint".

Now, when I need inspiration, or just sit back and relax, I click a button on my iTunes player and... feel good.

I invite you to join me on this wonderful and exciting journey where Smooth Jazz brings together not just different styles of music, but also people's hearts.